With a little help, you too can write a young-adult novel


THE BOOKS WE READ WHEN WE’RE young have a special sort of power: they can inspire us to be brave and resilient (Matilda by Roald Dahl), take us on thrilling adventures (Divergent by Veronica Roth) and even introduce us

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Our Destructive Cycle Of Us-vs.-them Thinking
AT THIS MOMENT OF SHOCK, SADNESS AND HOPE, it might be wise to reflect on the two most dangerous words in the human vocabulary: us and them. On Jan. 6, we received a dramatic reminder of this peril when our nation’s political divisions erupted into a
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America’s Moral Vacuum
LIKE OUR PANDEMIC RESPONSE, THE U.S. CAPITOL RIOT IS THE LATEST CATACLYSM TO BE BLAMED ON A FAILURE OF IMAGINATION. Who could imagine a virus that crashes the entire global operating system, or an attack that narrowly fails to decapitate the U.S. gov
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Voices To Lighten The Mood
JUST WEEKS INTO 2021, THE NEW YEAR ALREADY FEELS UNCOMFORTABLY SIMILAR TO THE ONE THAT CAME BEFORE IT. With renewed COVID-19 lockdowns and headlines dominated by news both distressing and sad, let’s face it: in this bleak season, we need a laugh. Ent