We’re working harder than ever—so why is productivity going down?

MOST OF US FEEL MORE PRODUCTIVE THAN EVER. BETWEEN wi-fi and mobile data, smartphones and apps that let us do everything from hail a ride to order groceries, we can get more done, in more places, more of the time—whether we want to or not. So why does the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keep telling us that’s an illusion? Not only is productivity in America declining, but it’s been falling for

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The Race for a Vaccine Against This Virus, and the Ones Coming After
WHEN CHINESE RESEARCHERS PUBLICLY posted the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus, scientists got busy. Nearly a dozen pharmaceutical companies launched programs to develop drugs or vaccines against the new virus, 2019-nCoV. Both are needed, but v
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It’s Time To Retire Old Ideas About Retirement
CRAIG OGELBY WORKED IN PENNSYLVANIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS for about 40 years before calling it quits in 2007. He regretted it almost instantly. Just one month after retiring, he took a new job as a principal in New Jersey. “I really just did not think throu
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Trump’s Travel Ban Expands To Six New Countries
Protests over President Donald Trump’s “travel ban” immigration policy began just days after his Inauguration in 2017. Now, as he faces re-election, he’s doubling down. On Jan. 31, the ban was extended to six additional countries. The new rule, which