Crimes of the heart

Like many of his novels, Spanish author Javier Marías’ new book, Thus Bad Begins, isn’t exactly a mystery, though it is mysterious. Here, the 65-year-old perennial Nobel

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Revenge Of The Never Trumpers
Jack Spielman has been a Republican his whole life. But over the past four years, he has come to two realizations. Increasingly upset by President Donald Trump’s “appalling” behavior, his cozy relationships with dictators and the ballooning national
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A Familiar Crisis
EMMA DONOGHUE GOES TO DARK PLACES. HER most famous work, 2010’s Room, centered on a woman who had been kidnapped, raped and forced by her captor to raise her child in a one-room shed. Her 2014 novel Frog Music took place in 1870s San Francisco during
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Marching Orders
OUR ELDERS BECOME OUR ANCESTORS to remind us to be free. When Toni Morrison passed, it was this thought that brought me comfort. When the Rev. C.T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis passed on the same day, it was this thought that fired me up. I am b