no.229 Fighting Fire With Foam—and a Résumé That Includes the Space Shuttle

Irene Rhodes, founder and CEO of Consumer Fire Products, united her backgrounds in engineering and firefighting to create a system that automatically sprays a biodegradable protective foam onto a house when a wildfire is nearby. Her Eugene, Oregon–based company has grown by beating back the fires that are a year-round threat in some western states.
OUTDOOR WARRIOR “Seeing homes burn just broke my heart,” says Irene Rhodes, the founder and CEO of Consumer Fire Products. Launched in 1998, her company has developed a system to deliver fire-repellent insulating foam that’s saved thousands of homes from burning in forest fires.

​Irene Rhodes Consumer Fire Products

​• Three-year growth 1,740.9% • 2015 revenue $2 MILLION

​I COME FROM A FAMILY OF engineers, and so I just naturally went into electromechanical engineering. I designed underwater sonar equipment, mining equipment, ionization machines—and I was an engineering designer on the space shuttle and the International Space Station.

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