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North Korea launched a ballistic missile, SNL sent a message to Trump, Adele dedicated her Grammy win to Beyoncé, and more.
Source: Carlos Barria / Reuters

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The North Korean Missile: On Saturday night North Korea launched a ballistic missile while President Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago. As photos posted by members of the club on social media later revealed, Trump chose to handle the crisis in full public view—a strange choice from a security perspective, and one that seems to highlight the president’s desire to perform. At a joint press conference with Abe, though, he was notably restrained, revealing little about America’s next move apart from expressing his support for Abe. Here’s why that may have been the best choice he could have made—and here’s one way Trump could make a deal with North Korea.

Election Security: It looks like National Security Advisor Mike Flynn will keep his job. He’s reportedly apologized to Vice President Mike Pence after a scandal in which Flynn—contrary to public statements made by Pence

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