For A Small State, Vermont Sure Has A Lot Of Speech Bubbles

Vermont is the only state that consistently appoints cartoonist laureates as a ceremonial position that promotes the art of cartooning.
A drawing completed by both Ed Koren and Alison Bechdel, the second and third cartoonist laureates of Vermont, respectively. In the image, Koren presents laurels and a large pen to Bechdel. Source: Courtesy of the Center for Cartoon Studies

To James Kochalka, when words and pictures are mixed, "some kind of magic alchemy happens."

That alchemy is the creation of cartoons, an art form that Kochalka worked to promote as Vermont's first cartoonist laureate.

Oh, you've never heard of that? That's probably because Vermont is the only state to consistently name cartoonist laureates. The position was created in 2011, as a way for Vermont to promote and celebrate cartooning in the state. Alaska appointed a cartoonist laureate in 2008, but has not named another

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