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Uber embodies the toxicity of start-up culture | Arwa Mahdawi

Silicon Valley likes to ‘move fast and break things.’ But, as Uber is showing us, that collateral damage can be quite significant
A man checks a vehicle at the first of Uber's 'Work On Demand' recruitment events where they hope to sign 12,000 new driver-partners, in South Los Angeles on March 10, 2016. / AFP / Mark Ralston / Getty Images

What do you do when your billion-dollar startup threatens to implode in a dumpster fire of bad PR? Quickly find a woman of colour to sacrifice to the flames. It’s called the ‘glass cliff’: the phenomenon, supported by numerous studies, whereby women and minorities are more likely to be given leadership positions during times of crisis than they are when a company is doing well.

In other words, women and minorities are often only given a shot at the top when their chance of failure is high, and when no white man in his

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