Europeans say they’d accept more refugees with fairer system

In a recent survey, Europeans said they would accept more refugees into their country—if the asylum system were more proportional.

Europeans favor an allocation system proportional to each country’s capacity for accepting asylum-seeking refugees, even if that meant the number of asylum seekers in their respective country would increase, a new survey finds.

Europe has experienced a deluge of immigrants since 2015 when more than 1.3 million people applied for asylum. The numbers have only increased and European leaders are searching for answers to solve this growing crisis.

In research appearing this week in Nature Human Behaviour, Kirk Bansak, Jens Hainmueller, and Dominik Hangartner of Stanford University’s Immigration Policy Lab asked 18,000 European citizens their opinions on the issue.

Here, Bansak, Hainmueller, and Hangartner respond to questions about their work:

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