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Sorry, Google memo man: women were in tech long before you | Holly Brockwell

James Damore’s controversial manifesto says women are genetically unsuited to tech roles. Doesn’t he know they were the original computer programmers?
‘Many African American women worked as human computers at Nasa, as highlighted in the book (and film) Hidden Figures.’ Mathematician Mary Jackson at Langley Research Centre in Hampton, Virginia, 1977. Photograph: Nasa photographer Robert Nye/Nasa

We’ve all met him. The excessively self-confident colleague who thinks he could fix all the world’s ills if only someone would listen to his “game-changing” ideas, which surprisingly often include giving him the top job and firing all his enemies. If you’re really unlucky, they might also include his pseudo-scientific explanations for why people he doesn’t like are genetically inferior, due to his unqualified opinion of their IQ, race or gender.

Luckily, most of us only have

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