How These Franchisees Turned to Overlooked Talent to Grow Their Business

Giving people a second chance can be good for your operation.
Source: Juliana Sohn
Juliana Sohn

salons are all about making a woman feel like the best version of herself. But for Jane and Jo Haubrich, the owners of two franchise locations in Minnesota, that applies to their customers employees. The sisters grew up in a farming family of eight, and while they dreamed of taking over the farm, their father told them that the agriculture elsewhere. They ended up building successful careers across varied industries, such as healthcare, hospitality, consulting and magazine publishing. In 2013, they became Waxing the City franchisees, and they vowed to do everything they could to provide career opportunity to all women in their community -- pointedly those who have battled obstacles from illness to legal trouble and poverty. Does that make staffing more difficult? Sometimes. But does it also help them tap a neglected source of great talent? Absolutely.

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