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Gangsters aside, pirates are perhaps the most romanticised outlaws of them all. And yet the annals of fiction are packed with larcenous sea dogs whose rakish flair is not so much heavily compromised as non-existent. Robert Louis Stevenson’s anti-hero Long John Silver accessorised with a wooden leg and a mouthy psittacine on the shoulder. Captain Hook — although a canny 1991 portrayal by Dustin Hoffman did something to salvage his

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The Keeper Of Greatness
Bao Dai in his early years arriving at the opening of the French Colonial Exhibition in Paris, 1931 playing ping-pong in France, 1932. He was believed to have single-handedly bagged a large percentage of his country’s tigers. Last May, Phillips aucti
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Letter From The Editor
I recommend that all of you play me at poker — in fact, any game with a stake. If you hear I’m involved, buy in, as I am completely rubbish and greatly admire the patience and technical skill required to succeed in such pursuits. I once won at the ra
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Veggie Chili Con Carne
I’ve chosen to adapt this recipe to a vegetarian chili, to help increase our vegetable intake and reduce the consumption of red meat. An overconsumption of red meat has been proven to increase our risk of bowel cancer. It is also much harder to diges