Suffering in silence, and out loud

LISA HALLIDAY’S DEBUT novel, Asymmetry, begins with a lopsided affair—a perfect vehicle for a story of inexperience and advantage. This romance

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Putin Confronts A Populist Leader From His Right
FROM HIS PERCH atop the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin has placed himself at the center of Russian politics for the foreseeable future, and anti-Western words and deeds have surely helped him get there. But the story now is anger directed his way from his o
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Armed Groups Step In To Stem COVID-19 In Latin America
COLOMBIA’S PRESIDENT HAS BEGUN easing a stringent COVID-19 lockdown. But his aren’t the only rules Colombians have been following. A July 15 report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) said armed groups in a third of the country’s 32 states have been enforcin
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30 Years After A Landmark Disability Law, The Fight Continues
JUDY HEUMANN REMEMBERS THE DAY SHE WENT TO register for kindergarten in 1952. She’d gotten dressed up and her mother had pulled her wheelchair up a flight of stairs before the principal intervened. Her disability, he said, meant she was not allowed t