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The 8 Best Kitchen Essentials

Source: Instant Pot Duo PlusBulat 8" Chef’s KnifeAnolon Tri-Ply Clad 8.5" Nonstick French SkilletElectrolux Masterpiece Blender

You want to be the baddest guy in the kitchen and you want the person next to you to know it. —Tom Col icchio

Smooth Operators Blenders injure 8,000-plus a year. For painless cleaning: Add soap and water, blend, rinse, air dry.

If the kitchen is the new garage, it’s time to stop buying flashy tools you’ll never use. Those panini presses and popcorn makers are fun, but they’re one-trick ponies that suck up counter space. For terrific meals, you need just

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No Sweat Summer
Some shirts make you feel as if you’re drowning in sweat, but this moisture-wicking cotton polo from Banana Republic dries fast and feels good. Plus it’s anti-odor, so it kills any sign of BO. Performance polo shirt ($60) by Banana Republic; sunglass
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Top Dogs
Searing heat burns and splits the skin of hot dogs before the insides warm through. Instead, preheat your grill to medium low. Then add your franks, close the grill lid, and cook, turning them every minute or so, until browned and plump, 5 to 7 minut
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Glide Over Gravel
LEO RODGERS is shredding down a sandy, abandoned railway line not far from downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Rodgers, 35, has got a huge smile on his face—and not only because he just hucked off a foot-high curb and landed cleanly. He’s doing the thi