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Terry Naturally Sucontral D

Sucontral D is a clinically studied formula that combines a unique botanical, with other ingredients that support healthy blood sugar balance, insulin function, and A1C levels.

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1 Week of Fast Food = Bigger Appetite
Australian researchers have found a big reason why so many people can’t stop eating fast food. A study that was published in Royal Society Open Science tracked a total of 110 college students who were healthy, lean, and normally ate a diet of whole f
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Better Butter
Q To me, there’s nothing better than mushrooms sautéed in butter, or buttered broccoli, or butter melted on a muffin! However, I’ve repeatedly heard that we should avoid saturated fats like butter. Should butter be avoided or not? We all grew up hear
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Mind Over Weight
He changed the way people ate and transformed their bodies with his nutritionminded and sustainable diet books Clean and Lean, The Clean 20, and his SHRED series. Now New York Times bestselling author Ian K. Smith, MD—known as “Dr. Ian” to TV viewers