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Swap Heads!
Ever wondered what you’d look like if you had a cat head instead of your own? Thanks to software programs like Photoshop, now you can! Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating surreal and funny images, and if you’re not keen on cats this can be do
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Call In Some Light Streaks
You don’t need loads of fancy lighting kit to get great results when it comes to product photography. For this setup, I used a black background (a £12 blind from Ikea), a piece of perspex, the main subject (an old Lubitel 166 camera), a tripod and a
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Bird’s Eye View
Sean Goodhart (keen amateur photographer and an associate of the RP S) is somewhat of an expert when it comes to photographing the ground from above. In his series ‘Scratching the Surface’, Sean explores the human imprint and our effect on the surfac