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Source: BEEF Steaks and chops, 145°F; ground, 160°FFISH 145°FPORK Chops, 145°F; ground, 160°CHICKEN 165°FYOU EAT HIS FOOD, HE’LL EAT YOURS.

A new study found that a mere 6 percent of nearly 1,500 recipes from best-selling cookbooks provided readers with accurate final temps for meat; others gave the wrong number or

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The Consistency Queen
Foley sticks to a reliable system each morning. She makes the same oatmeal, rocks a Steve Jobs–esque work outfit (a black blouse, jeans, and high-top Nikes), and follows the same foolproof beauty routine daily. “I have so many decisions and surprises
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“Your Tribe May Change.”
Me, last year? I was getting dinner and drinks often with friends, vegging out with family, and going on foodie vacays with my boyfriend. Life could not be more different now. And… because of that, my relationships are too. As my fitness improved and
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Blaze Your Own Trail
74 Percentage of Americans who live within a one-hour drive of a national scenic or historic trail. So accessible! Source: National Park Service “I really regret that hike…” said no one, ever. Hiking may be one of the most fun ways to get moving, not