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Stress Squashers
“When team members act mindfully, research shows they’re happier and less stressed,” says Scott Shute, head of mindfulness and compassion at LinkedIn. To that end, Aetna and General Mills both have meditation rooms. The web-based sleep program Sleepi
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Booze Better
An occasional drink to help you chill out is okay, but if it’s your only stress-release valve, seek out healthier options (yoga!). Track your digestion, mood, sleep, skin, and focus on a daily basis, and your alcohol intake as well. The results may s
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Why I Love Iuds
Fun fact: The IUD is personally favored by 42 percent of women’s health providers (including myself!), but only 12 percent of women overall have the same affinity for it. Patients tell me they’re scared of painful insertion, worried about their abili