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If the expression ‘back, sack and crack’ brings tears to your human retina, thank whichever deity you pray to that you’ve never faced the prospect of being ‘docked and cropped’. The former word (aka ‘bobbing’) refers to the constriction of the blood supply to our tails with a rubber ligature

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In Slickness And In Health
by tom chamberlin photography jules langeard If you have picked up this issue of The Rake on the day it comes out, may I firstly congratulate you on your eagerness and dedication to the rakish cause. More importantly, though, this issue is published
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Steve Schofield is an award-winning English photographer. He has a number of portraits in the National Portrait Gallery London’s permanent collection. He recently returned to the capital after spending the past six years living in Los Angeles, where
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Hatters Gonna Hat
Made for the practical purpose of wearing, there is equal justification for mounting them on your wall.