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BY Jesse Ball



FEW WRITERS CAN RESIST THE road trip—the chance encounters of strangers who’d never otherwise collide; the

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The Old Guard
IMMORTALITY CAN HAVE ITS downsides. Sure, you’re impervious to injury or illness, you have plenty of time to brush up on your martial-arts skills, and lifetime warranties are a bargain. But keeping a low profile is a must—or else every few centuries,
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1 / The shirt Jerry didn’t want to wear 4 / Concept made popular in “The Strike”: Someone looks attractive sometimes and bad other times, depending on the lighting 9 / “You know you’d get two ______, the whole table knows” from “The Scofflaw” episode
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What to Watch
FRIDAY 6.19 SERIES DEBUT STREAMING • HULU Love, Simon writers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker (This Is Us) revisit the coming-of-age/coming-out universe of their beloved 2018 rom-com via a wide-eyed, shy-eyed teen (Michael Cimino), who just moved