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Nearly 20 years after Beverly Hills, 90210 ended, the cast of the ’90s hit is back together for a new Fox dramedy...about reviving the ’90s hit. EW has an exclusive look at the stars’ recent reunion, plus intel on the series’ very meta premise. How c
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1944-2019 Remembering Peter Mayhew
The English-American actor brought a signature physicality to Chewbacca in the Star Wars franchise, a role less about face and more about roar.
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Once More We Saw Stars
BY Jayson Greene PAGES 239 GENRE Memoir JAYSON GREENE’S 2-YEAR-OLD daughter, Greta, has just died. He’s processing this heartbreak with his wife, Stacy, in the hospital while also contending with a strange sense of relief. Days earlier, Greta h