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A normal person's guide to this week's Facebook Congressional testimony

A lot of information came out this week. Here are the important sections in easily-digestible chunks.
Facebook testimony

Mark Zuckerberg appears before Congress

Don't worry if you didn't catch all 11 hours of testimony. We're here to help.


Over the past two days, Facebook CEO and controversial-haircut owner Mark Zuckerberg spent roughly 11 hours testifying in front of Congressional committees, answering questions from nearly 100 officials. The hearing covered everything from the Cambridge Analytica data debacle and Russian election interference to fundamental questions about Facebook’s business model. Despite the hearings’ marathon length, we didn’t actually get that much new info regarding Facebook and how it treats its 2 billion monthly active users. Here’s everything you need to know from those 11 hours compressed into easily digestible chunks. Before we get started, here are

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