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In the Spotlight: Torrey DeVitto

Working long hours in a hospital can be taxing—even in TV land. But Chicago Med star Torrey DeVitto stays healthy and energized for her role as ER doctor Natalie Manning by employing a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. And whether she’s staying true to her decade-long convictions as a vegetarian, achieving calm by cutting coffee, or using spiritual work to tap into the mind-body connection, the actress keeps finding new ways to nourish and

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Pump Up The Protein
When it comes to what we eat, it’s best not to overlook protein. Most active people require about 1.5 grams of protein for every kilogram they weigh (that’s 89 grams for a 130-pound person). Protein helps build lean body mass (aka muscle) and keeps y
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In the Spotlight: The Medical Medium
More than 40 years before he started the global celery juice movement, Anthony Williams—or, as readers of his bestselling books know him, The Medical Medium—was serving up 16 oz. glassfuls of what millions now deem a divinely inspired herbal elixir i
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Introducing High-Energy Collagen
“I have more energy!” Jim Caras frequently heard from many of his clients after using his medical-grade liquid collagen, called AminoSculpt®. “At first it didn’t make sense,” says Caras, Founder of Health Direct and author of How to Completely Reshap