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The C4 Way: Empowering Youth To Be Their Best Selves

C4 Way, empowering youth, photograph of young woman courtesy of World Merit

Photograph courtesy of World Merit


Dear Best Selfers,

Young people today are standing up and demanding to be heard as they fight the good fight. By channeling their anger and hopes in proactive and powerful ways, they are showing us how to celebrate and embrace our differences by reminding us how much we have in common — and how much is at stake. We have so much to teach each other, and so much to learn.

That’s why I am delighted to announce the introduction of a new section of Best Self Magazine that focuses on YOUTH.

I love the energy and optimism of young people. I believe in their potential to create lasting and meaningful change, in their own lives as well as in the world at large. As a parent, teacher, coach, advisor and friend, I have devoted much of my life to empowering and equipping youth, our future global citizens. If not them, who?

After 20+ years as a mother to four daughters on four different life paths, I have come to realize that raising children with a sense of purpose and direction is a lifelong journey. One of my daughters recently told me she considers me ‘a painstakingly good-intentioned optimist’. Hints of cynicism aside, I embrace my glass-half-full worldview. I want my kids to thrive; I want your kids (or future kids) to thrive.

As a parent and as an editor, I see my role as a channel — a conduit for insights, information, and inspiration. Although the articles featured in this section will focus on youth, they are designed to benefit anyone of any age who wants to explore the best ways to be the best YOU (aka: your Best Self).

I hope you agree.

—Joy McManigal

Youth Editor, Best Self Magazine

The C4 Way

Empowering Youth To Be Their Best (Courageous, Compassionate, Curious, Clear) Selves

All photographs courtesy of World Merit, a C4 Way partner

Dear Hope For The Future,

I have a very clear mission: to help you live a.

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