Opinion: Antwon Rose’s killing by police affects blacks’ mental health across the country

When police officers kill unarmed black men, the entire community feels it.
Family members of Antwon Rose embrace as they listen to speakers during a protest calling for justice for the 17-year-old killed by an East Pittsburgh police officer when he fled on foot from a traffic stop and was shot three times in the back. Source: Justin Merriman/Getty Images

This week, our nation’s psyche was rocked yet again with news — and video — of how Antwon Rose, a 17-year-old black American teenager, was fatally shot in the back by police while fleeing a traffic stop.

His tragic death, and the responses now reverberating throughout the country, casts a deeply disturbing shadow over our research results, in the Lancet, which shed light on this grim fact: Police killings of unarmed black Americans lead to poorer mental health

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