Amid Migrant Crises, Nations Flout International Law On Refugees

The rights of refugees were enshrined in international law in the wake of World War II. But those rules aren't always respected.

What are the international rules for dealing with foreign nationals who show up in a country often without any travel documents and definitely without a visa?

It's a timely question in this era of unprecedented refugee movement, as nations around the world struggle to deal with huge numbers of uninvited migrants who've appeared at their doors.

Bangladesh now has nearly a million Rohingya refugees living in camps just inside its territory and local officials say they want to send them back to Myanmar as soon as possible. Italy is refusing to allow boats carrying African migrants to dock in its ports. Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey are hosting millions of displaced Syrians. In Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has been scrambling to hash out a migration deal to keep her government together. Uganda despite being a low-income country has recently taken in hundreds of thousands of people from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. And the United States came under fire for separating migrant children from

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