Rosalía's Lethal 'Mirá' And Anitta's 'Medicina': Our Favorite Latin Songs This Week

This week, neo-flamenco singer Rosalía spears the male gaze, Anuel AA drops an album within hours of leaving prison, and Balún goes deep on the dreambow on their new album.
On "Pienso En Tu Mirá," Rosalía transmutes the violent emotions of flamenco for an urban audience. Source: Screenshot by NPR

This week, the music got . With "Pienso En Tu Mirá," 24-year-old flamenco singer Rosalía is proving to be one of the most inventive young players in Latin music ahead of her second album , a more polished and produced genre experiment than her strictly acoustic debut album, 2017's . Brazilian pop star Anitta is putting Brazil back on the global pop charts released a dreamy new album and Puerto Rican trap star Anuel AA released just hours after his release from prison.

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