Does Apple's $1 Trillion Benchmark Even Matter?

Consumer technology company Apple (AAPL, $207.11) will forever be entwined with Aug. 2, 2018 - the day it became the world's first company to boast a market capitalization of $1 trillion. That's a one with nine zeros to the right of it, if you're struggling to get a grip on the scope of the figure.

The financial media cheered the event, of course - not so much lauding Apple's growth or the red-hot year for AAPL stock, but acknowledging the sheer spectacle of any company reaching such a milestone.

The matter does beg one overarching question, though: Now what?

Like all milestones, passing the $1 trillion mark is interesting, but it remains to be seen how - or even if - the psychology of reaching the big, round

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