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DESPITE THE CONCLUSIONS of US intelligence and the indictments of more than two dozen Russian nationals allegedly involved with the plot, Donald Trump has repeatedly downplayed Russia’s attack on the 2016 elections, suggesting it didn’t happen or that, if it did,

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Trump’s Not Richard Nixon. HE’S ANDREW JOHNSON.
IT’S NOT HARD TO think of a historical precedent for President Donald Trump’s attempts to trade military assistance to the Ukrainian government for actionable dirt on his chief political rival. The pathetic desperation of the crime itself, the bungli
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Bullies United
I WATCHED THE Ukraine story break back in early September among a crowd of more than 1,200 investigative journalists from around the world. They’d asked me to join their conference to talk about how Mother Jones’ nonprofit model sustains our reportin
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The Young And The Relentless
IN NOVEMBER 2018, I was enjoying a post-midterms vacation when I saw the news: Six days after Democrats had taken back the House, a scrappy group of 150 young people staged a sit-in at Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office because they weren’t convin