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Foreign Collusion Is as American as Apple Pie

Shady international influence over U.S. politics didn’t start, and won’t end, with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was brazen in its willingness to cross legal lines surrounding foreign money and influence, as revealed in the felonious behavior of the U.S. president’s campaign manager Paul Manafort and personal attorney Michael Cohen. But Americans would do well to leaven their justified outrage with a history lesson. The use of foreign money to influence U.S. politics is not something that Trump invented. It’s been clear for at least 50 years that interested foreigners could purchase U.S. policy for the right price—with the price tag determined by candidates’ election campaigns. The question is whether anyone in American politics will ever see fit to do anything about it.

In a broader sense, the purchase of foreign influence is as old as U.S. politics itself. George

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