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4 Spiritual Lessons for Surviving Infidelity

Spiritual Lessons for Surviving Infidelity, by David James DiPardo. Photograph of reflection of couple by The HK Photo Company

Photograph by The HK Photo Company

However painful, it is possible to rebuild relationships after infidelity

I was always one of those people who said infidelity was a deal breaker and took a very hard stance against it. Little did I know I’d end up tolerating if for most of my adult life.

I always believed that infidelity was the end of a relationship, that it could not be surpassed. However, life proved me wrong and showed me how couples and relationships could not only survive infidelity but grow stronger as a result.

To clarify, I don’t recommend infidelity as a way of strengthening your relationships, but I share these lessons in the hope that if you or someone you know is struggling through occurrences

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