4. Surf and Turf

it’s a trick of the light. But there really a cluster of shells embedded in the white rock 10 feet above our heads. The sight of fossilized sea life is a welcome distraction from our current predicament: Our hiking party is temporarily marooned on an 8-foot-high rock shelf, trapped here by the advancing tide. Our guide

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Paddle Like a Pro
Both bow and stern paddlers default to this stroke. Turn your torso slightly to reach over the gunwale. Dip the entire blade in the water and pull toward the stern, generating power from your torso and back. Lift the blade out of the water at your hi
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7. Towers of Power
BITTERROOT NATIONAL FOREST, MT Be grateful for this hike’s short approach—it just means more time to savor the view from the restored fire lookout’s catwalk, where you can spy three different ranges. Hop on the gentle McCart-Johnson Peak Trail, climb
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8. Sweat Equity: Maintaining Trails
Now, I recall this woman’s words while on a trip with my Forest Service trail crew. We’re 5 miles deep in Washington’s Glacier Peak Wilderness, a district that has a checklist of brush tunnels and downed trees to contend with every year. Loppers and