Right to Roam

“I like to let my dog roam off-leash. He usually behaves, but sometimes he chases deer. Is this the natural order of things, or am I–Free-Range in Fayetteville

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11. A Camp for Kings
THE HIKE IN was great—like, massive-gorges, snowcapped-peaks, knock-your-socks-off great. But it’s nothing—nothing—compared to the Hamilton Lakes basin. We crest the final set of switchbacks, and suddenly we stand before a blue jewel of a lake surrou
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Canoe Camp
Efficient paddlers can expect to travel at least 10 miles a day on flatwater and 12 to 15 miles in a gentle downstream current. A headwind can significantly slow your pace, though, so beginners should pick routes with abundant camping options. Stow y
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Field Notes
Most quilts, no surprise, have a reputation for leaking heat out the sides. But not this feather-weight number. Western Mountaineering has been making high-end down bags for 32 years, and its first foray into quilts follows the brand’s DNA: premium 8