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Mountain Movers
ALL WEIGHTS ARE PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER FOR SIZE MEN’S 9 UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. TEST CRITERIA Three-season, semi-automatic crampon-compatible mountaineering boots under 3 pounds Great flexibility means no-problem approaches. COMFORT ► 4.9 The R
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Hot Tomato
In my younger (and dumber) days, some friends and I thought it would be funny to leave a large, sealed can of tomatoes in our campfire until it exploded. When the blast went off, it sent coals soaring through our campsite in a 20-foot radius. No one
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2. ’Round the Mountain
The Timberline Trail is the most storied multiday backpacking trip in Oregon. It circles the 11,000-foot cone of Mt. Hood, dipping between alpine meadows, moss-shrouded waterfalls, and steep, rocky outcrops with panoramic views across the state and i