Tech News: Smart Jackets…

THE TROUBLE WITH “WEARABLE TECH” IS THAT it’s not very wearable—just ask the early adopters of Google Glass, better known as marveled that the LCTJ “feels like the future.” It sure does. How else to describe a jacket woven with a conductive yarn that turns the fabric into a gesture-responsive touch pad? Inspect the jacket’s left cuff closely. You’ll notice what appears to be a slight error in the weave. That’s the magical Google Jacquard yarn, a combination of metallic alloys and cotton fibers that can transmit electrical signals just like copper wire. (A black strap that snaps onto the cuff holds the battery and USB connector to charge it every couple of days.) Just sync up the LCTJ to your iPhone and hit the street. The yarn will respond to a few programmable gestures: Swipe in to skip a song, swipe out to get a Google Maps update, tap to accept or reject a phone call. Expect more gestures in the near future, but right now, there’s no better way to wear your tech on your sleeve.

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