History of War


Author: Roger L. Ransom Publisher: Cambridge University Press Price: £31.99

Roger L. Ransom’s book fills a gap on the groaning shelves of World War I histories, by arguing that these four years of massive bloodshed resulted overwhelmingly from an economic conflict. The author, an economic historian, takes war out of the strictures

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Knights Of The Sky?
A myth pervaded at the time, and since, is that First World War air combat was somehow a chivalric affair. This was partly based on the glowing, propaganda-based press accounts at the time. Tales of gallant single-combat in the skies served as a dist
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The image of the chivalric gentleman aviator gallantly flying into battle to duel with the enemy is one of the enduring impressions of the First World War. This idealised, heroic figure is nowhere better embodied than in Manfred von Richthofen, later
History of War3 мин. чтенияCrime & Violence
During the week of 22 December 1946, a who’s who of organised crime in the United States and Italy gathered at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana. The so-called Havana Conference was a watershed event in the history of the criminal underworld in th