History of War



During the Wars of the Roses both sides had small artillery forces, and on the battlefield light field pieces were attached to infantry regiments. There

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History of War1 мин. чтения
Mervyn Kersh, a British-Jewish veteran, spoke with Tom this issue – he recalls landing on D-Day, fighting across Europe and witnessing the horrors of Bergen-Belsen. He also discusses the great need to remember and learn from the war. Gavin is a best
History of War1 мин. чтения
Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Tasked with supplying weapons, ammunition and equipment to the British Army, the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) had medieval origins. First set up as the “Office of Ordnance” in 1414 during the reign of Henry V, Britain’s system of logistical suppl
History of War2 мин. чтения
The Final Stand
Director: Vadim Shmelyov Cast: Artyom Gubin, Lubov Konstantinova, Igor Yudin Released: 8 March 2021 (DVD) It’s October 1941 and the relentless Wehrmacht is closing in on Moscow, every attempt to halt the German tide ruthlessly crushed beneath the bo