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Make It a Zero- Waste Holiday


Food does its best work for your health when it’s on your plate and ready to be relished with friends and family. Yet roughly one-third of all food globally goes uneaten each year, with tossed food constituting the single largest component in landfills. Beyond the added cost and environmental challenges of tossing so much perfectly good food, a new study in the found another reason to make the most out of the groceries you buy. The study found

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Suppements to Beat UTIs
D-MANNOSE, a sugar that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, may help prevent UTIs. A number of studies have shown that D-mannose can inhibit the adhesion of bacteria to cells in the urinary tract, binding to them and then allowing them to
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Are You Getting Enough
The optimal dosage of omega-3s can vary from person to person – depending on diet, the type of supplement you choose and your level of absorption. The most accurate way to know if you’re getting enough is to get tested. Some companies offer a home te
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How Sweet It Isn’t
“You know there’s sugar in alcohol.” My boyfriend’s non-question, delivered without prompt over an early-afternoon diner “breakfast,” dripped with irony as thick as the Nutella pouring over the edges of our massive shared pancake. In his attempt to l