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The mist gradually ebbs and flows in opacity, so I wait with the camera for the optimum moment of abstraction. A mischievous lad approaches me by the river; with a flash of his gold teeth, he points to the bridge

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Digital Camera World3 мин. чтенияScience & Mathematics
1 Make Magical Movies Using Time-lapse
Time-lapse videos are becoming more and more common over social media, so how do you make your own? Time-lapse features are built into many modern cameras but are underused by photographers. Compared with video, time-lapse enables you to easily compr
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Olga Michi
With a CV that boasts the titles of photographer, documentary filmmaker, writer and TV presenter, it’s clear that Olga Michi is a woman of many talents. Her latest ‘production’ is the book Vulnerable, which was shot in three key areas of the world –
Digital Camera World1 мин. чтенияScience & Mathematics
Combine Shorter Exposures
Taking a sequence of shots of a subject or scene, then combining them in a final multiple exposure composite image, can create a sense of motion that’s similar to a single longer exposure. Many cameras have a built-in multiple-exposure mode that can