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This is particularly true when it comes to my photography. I like to perceive what surrounds me through the filter of my imagination. I am amazed by the limitless inspiration that the world can offer, but what seduces me is the possibility of transforming it. Through photography and digital editing, I aim to

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Forbidden Places
Our reader This photo was taken in an abandoned seminary in England, although I have also visited many European countries in search of these places. My thinking was to capture the contrasts between the left side of the corridor, which has endured man
Digital Camera World1 min read
Light On The Land
Landscape photography is usually the preserve of accessories such as tripods and filters, but a flashgun can add a creative twist to some scenics. You can enhance rain and falling snow, for example, or highlight an interesting feature in the foregrou
Digital Camera World2 min read
Storm In A Teacup
When it comes to combining two images, you need to think about how they are going to work together. You want the colours and tones to blend flawlessly so that it looks like it could be real. We have provided our starting images on the disc for you to