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THE WRITERS I HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF TALKING WITH these days have one thing in common: They are all incredibly busy. I believe the most precious gift one could offer a creative person is time: unscheduled, unencumbered, unhurried time. But when

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A Letter To The Allies
A Letter to the Allies: I’m making this about you because it is always about you. From the bliss of your ignorance to your choices of morality. You are the face of our oppression, and amid the din of these chaotic times, our eyes naturally turn to yo
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Small Press Points
What makes a book a Vegetarian Alcoholic Press book? “Connectivity and transcendence,” says Freddy La Force, the editor behind the Milwaukee press. Inspired by the city’s vibrant poetry scene, La Force started Vegetarian Alcoholic Press (www.vegetari
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ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, UNLOCK THE DOOR THE FRIDAY NIGHT BEFORE THIS ISSUE WAS DUE TO THE printer marked the end of a long week of final touches on the pages you are now reading. I was looking forward to an uneventful evening with my family: Dinner was o