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Most of us for whom fishing is much more than a hobby learned to love the sport from a relative. My father hunted and fished extensively so that way of life came naturally to me. In fact, the majority of adult men I knew as a child hunted and fished. I suppose that’s not surprising, since my dad would hang around with other guys who shared his interests.

That was the 1960s, when life was less complicated. There were fewer diversions available to adults: three-channel TVs, no internet, etc. Traveling was

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Power & Motoryacht4 min read
Sea Trials
Somewhere else in the world, it was a typical morning. But for nine families and a handful of volunteers gathered under the awning of the Coral Ridge Yacht Club in Ft. Lauderdale, there would never be another one quite like this. On a bright, sunlit
Power & Motoryacht6 min read
Got the Juice?
Unless you’re truly hardcore—you eat gruel boiled on an alcohol stove, read Treasure Island under the dim amber glow of an oil lamp, perform your nightly ablutions with a bucket of cold sea water (and that’s when you’re at home!)—you enjoy the benefi
Power & Motoryacht3 min readTech
Risky Business
For every boat sitting peacefully in its slip there’s a thief waiting to extract its MFDs with a surgeon’s precision. Or a thug wielding a crow bar with his co-conspirators a few lagoons over, trailer and truck at the ready. Both are formidable foes.