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The phrase ‘endangered species’, I’m reliably informed, puts the willies up the giant pandas of Gansu province, the handful of snow leopards lurking in the Himalayas, and the whooping cranes that stalk the Gulf Coast of Texas. Not so us Sussex Spaniels, despite our numbers dropping so dramatically after the

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Magnum Opus
by tom chamberlin The conflict of nature and science has long permeated legislative halls, denominational pews and the private domains of people’s beliefs. Technology has slowed down our natural evolutionary progression and draws our bodies away from
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The Rake Lifetime Achievement Edward Sexton
by tom chamberlin Edward Sexton is a legend of his own making. From a tailoring point of view there are few people able to claim the sort of influence he has on the way suits are perceived. In 1969, Sexton revolutionised the sartorial arts. He re-pur
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‘Look At The Who! They Used Explosives! How Did We Get The Rep?’
It was a live shark. Or a dead one. A live octopus. Or perhaps just a whole red snapper. Either way, details aside, it was never meant for the purpose of pleasuring a naked and bound groupie. Or there was the time when Jimmy Page — said to always tra