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Lighter Shade Of Male
by nick scott photography jake walters fashion direction jo grzeszczuk The camel is an ungainly beast. ‘A horse designed by a committee,’ as one proverb goes, it compares to its distant equine cousin as one of The Beatles’ satin Sgt. Pepper suits doe
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‘I’m A Solid Actor. But I Want To Be Bolder In Future, And That Involves Learning More’
by charlie thomas photography by pip fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Joe Dempsie is used to intense fanfare surrounding projects in which he’s appearing. He first encountered it when playing Chris in the acclaimed British teen comedy-drama Skins. The
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The King Of Bling
“I suppose that the greatest moment in the life of any revolutionary is when he walks through the royal palaces of the freshly deposed monarch and begins to finger his former master’s possessions,” wrote the freshly deposed King Farouk of Egypt in th