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When I’m asked why it is that the Swiss are so damnably good at making watches but so hopeless at communicating about them, I explain that it has to do with the fundamental difference between the Catholic and Protestant religions. O.K., close your eyes and imagine a Catholic church — take St. Peter’s or Notre-Dame or even Basilica di San Marco in Venice. Walk inside, what do you see? Some of the most magnificent art ever created: Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Titian. Listen to the music and hear some of the greatest compositions ever rendered by man. The incense, the choir, the pageantry and ceremony — it is breathtaking in its adulation of the incredible relationship between man and God. Now go inside

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To The Manner ’bourne
by jessica beresford photography marco marroni Although they share a commonality in being well dressed, Palmer Mutandwa and Marvin Holder, the duo behind the Australiabased tailoring service Button Brothers, have different points of reference. “My st
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The L.u.c Milestones
Let’s take a moment to look back at the staggering 22 years of Chopard L.U.C’s groundbreaking innovation: The calibre 1.96 is unveiled. The 1860 watch, a sublime 36.5mm timepiece with a massive gold dial produced by Metalem, wins Timezone and Montres
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Method In The Madness
by eléonor picciotto Even though it is not on street level, and not, therefore, easily accessible to passers-by, Mad Lords has become in less than five years one of the most coveted places in Paris to go and chill, fulfilling exactly the desire of Se