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If there is another breed of dog my size — roughly that of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi — with as menacing a moniker as the ‘Vikingarnas Hund’, I’ve yet to meet it. It is a name surely meant to be emblazoned, in

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The Rake3 min read
The Good Shepherd?
by anna prendergast True to the slogan printed on his wallet, Pulp Fiction’s hitman Jules Winnfield is the baddest of bad motherfuckers. He’s a foul-mouthed, hell-raising, bullet-spraying motherfucker who can quote the Bible on cue. Or that’s what yo
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by christian barker, nick scott & charlie thomas The problem with most luxury casual shoes is that — much like a magnum of Clos du Mesnil, a tin of Almas, a pre-revolutionary Cuban, or the company of a Monaco-based courtesan — the pleasure is fleetin
The Rake8 min read
Profits Of Doom
Since the financial crash of 2008, our fascination with the super-richest of the banking class — and their perceived crimes — has expanded like a trader’s algorithm. Fortunately, like the mobsters of The Sopranos or the advertising pioneers of Mad Me