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The Magic of Christmas

Christmas is a magical time spent with family and gatherings of friends. And for Lieset Elshout, it’s a time when her home feels truly special. Set on two acres of rambling gardens and surrounding Oxfordshire hills, the house, she says, emanates a magic all its own. “It’s the perfect winter home,” Lieset says. An open fireplace draped in winter greenery greets you in the hallway, and a plump feather-filled sofa and well-worn leather chairs beckon you

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The Perfect Blend
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Fine Ingredients
1 This is a fun way to customize your kitchen. Flourish Chalkboard Style Design. Available in your choice of kitchen product: cutting board, pot holder, coasters or placemats. Prices range $18–$49. Visit 2 Add a personal touc
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If you want to add some history to yourhome, think about getting a cellarette. Cellarettes were first used in Europe in the 15th century as a place for pubs to store alcohol. The lid or drawer locked to prevent anyone from stealing the establishment’