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Pocket Neighborhoods
Newly built cottages today are often built around what's referred to as a Pocket Neighborhood model. Here's a simple guide to understanding what it is and why its benefits have made it a lasting trend. Pocket neighborhoods first came to prominence i
Cottages and Bungalows2 min read
Revamped & Revitalized
When remodeling a kitchen, everyone’s needs are different. For some, maybe a simple paint job is all that is needed. For others, a complete overhaul is required. Jen Pinto, Senior Interior Designer of Jackson Design & Remodeling, was tasked with comp
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A Gracious Space
The thought of interiors that’ve been untouched for 30 years might be daunting to some— but that wasn’t the case for Roxanne Hughes Packham. When she first surveyed the Santa Rosa Valley house that she and her husband would call home, she wasn’t int