AMERICA REACHED A KIND of consensus around race after the street fights and legal battles of the 1960s. The naked racism of the previous generation was banished. The likes of the John Birch Society were made outcasts in our politics. But that didn’t mean that prejudice was stripped from the

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Grave New World
EVEN BEFORE THE PRESIDENT-ELECT finally began getting the daily briefing from U.S. intelligence services on Nov. 30, Joe Biden would start his day at his home outside Wilmington, Del., with a two-page rundown on the world. The document was prepared b
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News Ticker
Pope Francis appointed 13 new Cardinals in a Vatican City ceremony on Nov. 28, including the Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Wilton Gregory, 72, who became the first African-American Cardinal in the Catholic Church’s history. Thirteen special-forces
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What The COVID-19 Vaccines Actually Do
IT’S A RARE GLIMMER OF HOPE IN A BRUTAL AND battering pandemic year: in November, both Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech reported that their much anticipated COVID-19 vaccines are around 95% effective in protecting people against getting sick with the dise