Good Organic Gardening

Working girls

We all know the modern super hen: the red-brown and silver-plumaged hens that are ubiquitous in backyards and commercial operations. Some go by the name ISA Brown, others Hy-Line Brown or Lohmann Brown.

They’re friendly hens that lay astonishingly well in the first and, sometimes, second year and then virtually stop. They bully pen mates, become obsessed with treats and are notorious for feather pecking. Not like the oldfashioned farm breeds, that’s for sure.


Purebreds are the result of years of focused breeding on a specific range of characteristics. These can be counted on to produce the same shape and

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Let’s Work Together
The underlying foundation of sustainable gardening is the natural harmony that exists between species in the wild. Many plants have evolved to grow better alongside certain others and we emulate this phenomenon in the practice of companion planting.
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Moon Planting
Late autumn means it’s still a good time in most regions to get all those lovely health-giving brassicas and root vegetables into the garden Winter has officially arrived and, while it’s a quieter time for planting in cooler regions, there’s lots to
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Good Organic Gardening
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