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The man-made version of rock or stone is concrete, which itself dates back millennia. When mixed with stone or decorative aggregates, concrete creates that same timeless feel.

To give you an idea of how far decorative concrete has come, there is evidence that suggests the pyramids of Egypt were partly made of an agglomerate of limestone cast in-situ, or in other words, decorative stone. This would certainly help explain its construction in the

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A corking GREAT LOOK
we called it and it’s gone and happened. Cork isn’t just back. It’s the new black. And it’s taking over the joint. If you thought cork was just for flooring and the odd bottle of wine, you were underestimating its potential massively. Queensland-base
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Cultivating Sanctuary
as humans, we’re drowning in an abundance of material goods, much of it disposable. None of this excess seems to have made us happier, however. If anything, our long hours of optimised working and living have made us socially isolated, leading to lon
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Off Grid And On Trend
occupying 200 acres of rolling green pastures and with beautiful valley vistas, Gundowring House is flanked by ranges and overlooks Lake Hume. The location offers an ever-changing backdrop reflecting the seasonal variations of the north-east Victoria