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or those of us who aren’t in the industry, the number 49 doesn’t mean much. But for those who are, it’s make or break when it comes to copyright. Under Australian law, 49 is the

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Book Club
ALANA BROADHEAD PENGUIN BOOKS | $59.99 Art director, writer, designer and Sunday homeware store owner Alana Broadhead has spent years scouting out beauty and practising the philosophy that design is the art of living well. Now, exploring some of New
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Adam Nathaniel Furman
Designer Adam Nathaniel Furman says he loves the freedom to create. “I love the joyful space of contemplation and expression that happens when it’s just you, your pens and brushes, and a piece of paper,” he enthuses. Adam also enjoys working with cra
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Homage To Oscar
Oscar Niemeyer was a renowned Brazilian architect who was one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture as we know it today. Oscar’s work is well known for its use of abstract curves that complement nature’s natural landscapes. Thi